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In addition to our selection of job offers, we also provide guidance for a succesfull entry into professional life or when beginning work in a new hotel establishment

Here are some examples :
- this is what we espect of you : your CV with a photo, a profile of the job sought, your availability and geographic mobility. References and a copy of your diplomas are always a plus that can make the difference.

- Before an interview; gain of detailed knowledge of the business in question, the job available and prospects for developement.

- After an interview: Euro Consulting Hôtellerie is there to answer your questions and assess with you whether the position available is in line with your profile.

Going to work abroad : at the beginning of a career it is not necessarily a good idea for a cuisinier or a pastry cook, in particular, to go far afield. Methodology and technique in cooking are better learned first of all in France. It is better to envisage a first experience abroad after 1 or 2 years experience in France. As to the choice of country, opt preferably for the United Kingdom or Ireland, for a minimum stay of one year. When you return you should not only have mastered the language but also methods of managment wich are the standard in the catering sector thoughout the world.

Lastly, if you do not correspond to the positions available at the time, we will keep you on file and propose a new job offer when a suitable one beomes available.

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